​​Landscape Maintenance

There are a lot of different companies out there that are capable of creating beautiful landscapes. The thing with landscaping though is that where it really gets tough is when you have to keep everything looking its very best for a long period of time. We could decorate an area for a wedding in a couple of hours and the plants and flowers could look great. After a couple of days though it is not going to be looking so great. We can take care of your property for you so that this is not a fear that you have to live with and you will always have great looking landscaping to wake up to!

Lawn Maintenance & Care

If this is not the first tree service that you come across you have probably noticed that a lot of tree services either don’t provide lawn care or just don’t talk about it. That is why we wanted to make sure that we were perfectly clear on this. We can take care of your lawn for you. We can come in every so often to make sure that we are keeping the grass at an appropriate height. After all, it is your lawn it should look like you want it to look!

Recurring Services

We talked about how we can come in periodically to make sure that everything is running smoothly. We can give you certain suggestions as to how often we believe that you should allow us to come in. Having said this, we are also very flexible with our recurring services. So we are able to adapt to your schedule instead of you having to adapt to us. Obviously, our recurring clients will get discounts on different services and all sorts of cool stuff just because you have decided to stick around with us!

Brush Removal

If you have lived around here for a while you know that in the fall and early winter we can see a lot of dry brush roaming around. Part of our landscape maintenance services will be to remove brush, leaves and any other types of things that may have falling on your property during these times of the year. To have this service provided by our professionals all you have to do is give us a call. We will send over a truck and a group of guys that will be able to get the job done for you.

Taking Care Of All The Little Details

Landscaping is really about the little details. A lot of companies may bypass certain maintenance aspects simply because you didn’t remind them to look out for your floors or your bushes. Part of our success is being able to spot the little details and ask you directly if you want any work done in certain areas. Also having good communication with clients is key to maintenance. We actively encourage both clients and potential clients to let us know what their do’s and don’ts are on their property. We also offer storm damage clean up service.


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