​​Stump Grinding & Removal

What do you want to do with your stump? That is really the only question that we would have to ask here. If you want to keep it we would advise that you allow us to grind the stump so that it stays at a manageable size. Most of the times people have problems with stumps it is because they are taking up too much room or because they literally look like a murdered tree corpse. Also, the tree’s roots could continue to expand so this can be a problem for your lawn. In these cases just removing the stump may be the best idea that we can come up with.

Proper Stump Grinding

Over the years we have seen some pretty disastrous stump grinding jobs. There are actually plenty of how-to videos on the web where the people that are trying to show others how to grind a stump. Some of these results are less than ideal. In our mind, if you are going to grind a stump the idea is to do so while doing as less damage to the surrounding area as possible. That is exactly what we are going to try and do. We have gone through quite a few stump grinding projects and we can guarantee that the results that we are able to provide are going to be pleasing for you.

Griding or Removal?

What do you want to do with your stump? If you are having doubts about what the best course of action may be, here are a couple of things to keep in mind that may help. How do you envision a proper looking stump? If you can picture that and we believe that we can get that done for you then grinding is the best option. If you are worried about the damage that the roots can do or just the stump getting in the way at any point removal may be your best choice.

Is Removal Too Invasive?

One of the main reasons that people end up shying away from full removal is that they are afraid of the damage that can be caused on the ground around the stump. We are going to be digging into the stump when griding it as well so there may be some consequences, if you will, either way! It is hard for us to give a general answer. What we can do though is asses the situation that your stump is in and let you know what type of consequences you can expect in each situation.

Most Of The Times Trees Are Not Growing Back

We know that some people will keep stumps with the hope that a tree will grow back in that spot. There are actually some trees that are genetically capable of growing back. This is usually not the norm though. If you want to know what type of tree you have you can always give us a call and let us have a look. We also offer tree planting service.


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